Types of Slots

Today there are many kinds of slots, but could be subdivided into two groups: basic and progressive. Online slots behave the same way they do the classic real slot, so the user does not find anything strange.

We can also play multi-line slots, which have a number of pay lines, which are enabled if you play them. In this slot the player decides to bet online. It should be mentioned that these machines deliver the ultimate prize only if you play all lines. In many cases, some slots are interconnected with other online slots, thus offering really striking wells. Generally, well these slots is progressive, which makes the number of million-dollar prize is at times.

Types of Slots The so-called common or plain slot are independent games. The money that they make their prizes delivered to rely solely on the proceeds from the machine, taking into account the table of payments in respect thereof. In this type of slot, the well is always fixed. In the case of online slots with bonuses, the player must be lucky enough to align certain symbols in his bid to gain access to such bonds. With these bonds, the user may have access to most important awards. Sometimes it will be a special symbol on who is responsible for activating these bonds.

Also can play the slot multipliers. They are divided into common or bonds. Many communications have a bet line on which the value of the prize depend on the bet itself. In the multiple bond, differing from the previous one, it simply adds in addition a certain pre-set amount in the pot, if the player manages to win by betting the maximum number of lines or coins. We could say that if the maximum is 3 coins in a slot machine, the player can win 20 coins with only 1 or 2 40 to gamble. But when betting 3 coins, you will get the bonus and will make a profit of 4000 coins.