Slots Dictionary

Slots DictionaryIn the next section we will introduce some of the terms most frequented by professionals.

Maximum bet: the bet is key to access the jackpot.

Well: It refers to the reward that hands out a slot machine.

Jackpot: The prize is steadily rising each of the bets that users do not get to win. Usually this well proves to be the sum of money over a slot machine.

Hold: The difference between the money wagered and won.

Set bonuses: It refers to mini games video slots. These provide access to prizes or get various bonuses.

Game winner: Refers to the combination of symbols that determine a prize.

House Edge: The difference between the real benefit offered to the user and the payment of benefits that the casino takes himself.

Payout Percentage: Perhaps one of the most essential terms in online slots is that of the percentage rate of payment. This makes repayment rates which are visible in theĀ slot make their payments. Good to know that it is possible to play for free slots, allowing a better understanding of the term without the need to risk your own money.

Percentage of Award: This term refers to the amount paid relating to a gain. We must remember that a slot could have a high percentage of prize but about your payments, a small percentage.

Payout: The same information is provided regarding the benefits and payments online slots.

Multi-line online slot: These slots are formed by many paylines.

Video slots: A term that refers to a slot currently developed in which instead of using mechanical rollers, the slot itself is played through a computer.

As it is possible to observe, these are just some of the most important words in the world of slots. It is advisable to know these terms in order to carry out a game more enjoyable and dynamic.