How you can help

Manilakbayan 2015 needs the participation of the people and other sectors in Manila and the solidarity of peoples all over the world.


Organize a volunteer group to express your support to Manilakbayan in various ways; set up the Friends of the Lumads in your school or communities.


Visit the Kampuhan ng Manilakbayan at UP Diliman from October 26-31 and at Liwasang Bonifacio from November 3-17 and interact with us in our dialogue tents, see the museo Lumad, and experience a cultural exchange of Lumad dance, music, and bead-making and more.


Donate to and support our cause fo human rights and ecological justice, help sustain our Kampuhan with rice, food and other material or cash donations; adopt a Lumad community school and support Lumad community projects for victims of extrajudicial killings, to demand the dropping of false charges against our leaders and people, to press for the pull out military troops from our schools and communities, and to clamor for the disbandment and disarming of paramilitaries.