The Perks of Joining Multi-Player Online Slots Tournaments

The Perks of Joining Multi-Player Online Slots Tournaments

This type of slot game allows you to be initiated and be linked to the community of slot enthusiasts worldwide.  It offers a lot of perks for being a part of a community that shares your interests and enthusiasms.  In a multi-player slots tournament, you can test your skills, luck and strategies as you compete against other online slot gamers to win the jackpot.

Benefits of an Online Multi-Player Slots Tournament

Aside from the fact that it is very exciting, there are a lot of benefits in joining multi-player slots tournaments.   Let us count the ways.  First, because it enables you to be initiated into the community of online slot aficionados worldwide, the games become rather very exciting as the multi-player tournaments give you the opportunity to compete to be Number 1.  Seeing your name on top of the Leader Board gives you the rush and the undeniable thrill.  Added to the swell of pride is knowing that everybody else can see your name listed as Number 1 as a Certified Slots Champion.

Second, you can bring in real cash in multi-player slots tournaments.  You can win as much as $5,000 and even the smallest tournament can guarantee you at least $6 to $10, which as you would say, wouldn’t change your life.  But, definitely, there is nothing wrong in tripling your money while you are having fun playing the online slots games.

Finally, there is little risk in joining the online slots tournaments.  If you do lose, all you can lose is your entry fee.  In some days, if not most, you may lose the tournaments, and it does happen.  But all you have to lose is the few dollars you paid to start joining the tournament.

Multi-Player Slots Tournaments Winners and Prizes

The player with the highest balance in the player’s Win Box at the end of the tournament is declared the winner. Based on this, it is easy to realize that the best strategy is to wager all your coins because you are neither given credits for your remaining coins in your Coins Box at the end of the tournament nor you are penalized for losing spins. Hence, to emphasize, the best strategy is to wager all the coins in your Coins Box and spin to build up your Win Box.

The number and size of the prizes vary from tournament to tournament.  The biggest tournaments, which are usually played by hundreds of players, can give a payout of at least $5,000 to the winner – the first place finisher.  In addition, it can also award minor prizes to each of the top 100 finishers.  All the relevant information about the prizes of the tournaments is displayed on the screen before you start the tournament, so there is no confusion about prizes.  Aside from its entertainment value, participating in the online multi-player slots tournament for the sake of the prizes as a return on your investment of the entry fee has always proved exciting.

Tips in Competing in a Multi-Player Slots Tournament

It is always an advantage if you are armed with strategies and techniques before indulging in the online multi-player slots tournaments. Playing in an online slots tournament is like playing the regular online slot games, but you have to bear in mind that this time, you are competing against other players around the world.  It is also important to take note that the tournament has a pretty short time limit of about 5 minutes.  So, you should not play at a leisurely pace or take a break when the tournament has started.

The Online Slots Tournament Computer Screen Features

It is very important that you understand all the features displayed on the slots tournament computer screen as these are distinct from the regular online slot machines.  The features are Coins Box, Win Box, Play Time Box and Leader Board.

Coins Box

All players in the online slots tournament begin with the same number of coins which is displayed in their Coins Box.  All players might, for example, begin with 5,000 coins.  All of their bets are deducted from this coin balance. Your winnings are not added to the coin balance; thus, the coin balance only decreases during the tournament.  If your coin balance is too low to make a minimum bet or reaches zero, your tournament game is over.

Win Box

At the beginning of each tournament, the Win Box is zero for each player.  All wins that the player gets during the tournament is added to the Win Box balance.  Thus, the Win Box balance increases during the tournament game. The player who gets the largest balance in the Win Box will be declared the winner of the multi-player slots tournament.

Play TimeBox

Players in the multi-player online slots games are given a limited time to play, which typically runs for about 5 minutes. So when the tournament has started, it is not wise if you play in a leisurely manner or take breaks. The Play Time Box counts down the time left.  When the Play Time Clock reaches zero, the tournament game is over.

Leader Board

The Leader Board gives the players the opportunity to view the information for the players participating in the tournament. It displays the following information:

Position. At the beginning of the tournament, the Position column is blank, but as the tournament game progresses, it shows the position of each player.  The player’s position moves up and down during the tournament.  The player’s position depends on the performance of the other players in the tournament game.

Alias. The Alias is the name of the player uses in the tournament.  You can also choose your “Lucky Alias” the moment you join the tournament.

Coins. This feature shows the number of coins the player has remaining in his Coins Box.

Win Box. This feature shows each player’s total wins during the tournament.

Prize. This feature shows the prize amount in US dollars or in Euros the player has won.  This column remains blank until after the multi-player online slots tournament game is over and the winner has been declared.